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1 Oct 2020 3:32 PM -
In these challenging times, many SME businesses are keen to protect and manage their cashflow and working capital. A clever strategy that many SME businesses employ is to use insurance premium funding to finance their annual insurance premiums, rather than impacting their working capital to pay for these expensive, but necessary, operating costs as one lump sum amount every year. At NLG Leasing, we can assist your SME clients with insurance premium funding by allowing them to pay their insurance premiums with smaller, more manageable, monthly instalments.

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The following are just some of the different types of insurances that can be funded using insurance premium funding:
  • Workers Compensation policies
  • Professional Indemnity policies
  • General business insurance
  • Motor vehicle fleet insurance and registrations
  • Compulsory third-party insurances
A lender will pay the annual insurance premium on behalf of the SME business to the insurer and hold the insurance policy as collateral security for the loan. The SME business will then repay the loan over a 9-10 month loan term. The benefits of insurance premium funding can be summarised as follows:
  1. Smooths out cashflow and retains vital working capital in the business
  2. Provides certainty via fixed monthly instalments and fixed interest rates
  3. No additional security is generally required as the insurance policy is the collateral security for the lender
  4. Multiple insurance policies can be financed on the one loan contract
  5. A simple and quick application process with minimal credit assessment
  6. Loan interest may be tax deductible*
*please consult your tax or professional advisor to determine eligibility.
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Whilst this year has been a bummer, we can still have fun this Summer!

With closed international borders and little prospect to travel overseas in the foreseeable future, many brokers are now being asked by their clients to arrange finance to purchase “lifestyle” or recreation assets such as caravans, boats, and motorcycles.
Do you have clients who need finance to purchase a motorcycle, a boat, a jet ski or even a golf cart or ride-on mower? At NLG Leasing, we have access to Australian Motorcycle & Marine Finance (AMMF), a specialist asset finance lender focused on the motorcycle and marine markets.
Product features offered by AMMF include:
  • Loan amounts from $5,000 to $1.5 Million.
  • Consumer and commercial loans available.
  • Loan terms between 12 -84 months.
  • A minimal early loan termination fee.
  • Private sales acceptable (conditions apply).
  • Competitive rates and commissions.
How to reach your clients
Are you keen to market asset finance, business or personal loans to your client base but do not know how or where to start? The great news is that NLG Leasing has done the hard work for you!

As an accredited referral partner, you have complimentary access to our email marketing templates and social media resources. Our generic broker marketing resources are free to use and can be fully customised to suit your own individual marketing and client messaging requirements.

We have produced twelve individual templates covering six different asset finance marketing initiatives that we encourage you to download and use to generate additional business opportunities with your clients. Alternatively, we have numerous social media marketing resources if you wish to promote your business via platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin.

To view and download your preferred marketing resources simply click HERE. We also recommend saving this landing page as a bookmark for easy future reference.

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If you are looking for a solution to assist your consumer and commercial clients with all asset, equipment and cash flow finance solutions - but don’t yet have the knowledge and can’t justify the high costs associated with multiple accreditations, specialist systems or a full time specialist on the payroll – then NLG Leasing is the right business partner for you. If you would like more assistance, please contact the NLG Leasing team on 1300 722 011 or email