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4 Oct 2019 10:16 AM -

Each fortnight we release a news blast with the aim of educating mortgage brokers on how they can diversify their business to include asset and equipment finance. This week we spoke to one of our long term broker partners who has been working with NLG Leasing for 3 years.

Introducing Cameron Gough

Cameron Gough, Director of Good Choice Finance has been in the professional finance game for over 4 years. As part of these relationships, Cameron wanted to be able to help his clients and their businesses. To do this, Cameron needed to diversify into asset and equipment finance. Prior to becoming a broker, Cameron spent over 10 years in the transport industry, therefore understanding the scope of opportunity available once he had the solutions and support to cater for them.

Cameron has since achieved this by finding his clients residential and asset finance solutions whilst assisting with their future financial progression. He has just written his 60th deal with NLG Leasing, currently working on an unsecured business loan with our team. Learning about the asset finance income avenue whilst staying on top of lender accreditations, policies and products is difficult. By using NLG Leasing’s team of asset and equipment finance specialists, Cameron has become an industry leader.  

60% of Good Choice Finance's business is through the asset finance channel. Whilst the majority of their applications are submitted through our full referral model, the spot and refer channel is used when under the pump and unable to be as involved.

Below we’ve selected just a handful of the application types we have worked on with Cameron, both consumer and commercial.

2015 Mitsubishi FN & 2008 Merc Atego $198,000.00
2000 model used boat private sale (unsecured) $11,385.00
Sale and buy back of 3 assets $72,212.78
Printing equipment- DCS UV LED Printer Series $46,200.00
Personal loan application $9,397.32

This table shows the lenders that Cameron has used across his 60 deals with NLG Leasing. Some lenders have strict accreditation guidelines like volume hurdle requirements. Consequently, it is difficult to obtain accreditations in the asset finance field. NLG Leasing has access to over 35 lenders and by submitting your applications through our channel, so do you! You can see in the table below how diverse a panel Cameron has used with his past deals.

Working with Cameron for over three years, one thing we notice is he is not afraid of the unknown. When a client’s background or asset type is unfamiliar to him, he simply takes down as much information as possible and jumps on the phone to our team. He may not have all of the information, but his determination and collaboration always ends in a positive outcome for his clients. 

Q&A with Cameron

We first on boarded you in May 2016. What was the scenario that made you touch base with NLG Leasing? I reached out as I had a client looking to finance a truck for a start-up business with a minimal deposit.

How did you hear about NLG Leasing? At the Choice Commercial Lenders Business Development Day.

How did you find the onboarding process? It was a fairly quick and simple process. 

What prompted you to work with NLG Leasing? I needed an array of lenders with policies that differed to the major lenders.

How did you find opportunities? Were they already there in your database or did you need to find the business? I had been in the transport industry for 10 years prior to finance so a lot of the work was finding me at the start.

What were the initial challenges for you? Knowledge – you don’t know, what you don’t know. Without the exposure to other lenders, my knowledge was limited. 

Do you have any other solutions for this sector e.g. direct lender accreditations? If so, what makes you use NLG Leasing as an asset and equipment finance loan service? I have a couple of direct accreditations but sometimes it is a challenge keeping up to date with residential policy changes and asset policy changes over many lenders. This is where NLG Leasing can assist with their team.

What percentage of your business would you say is asset/equipment or unsecured lending? 60% is asset and equipment finance.

Where do you get most of your business from e.g. marketing, social media, existing client base? Social media was a large portion when I first started. Now I’m getting a lot of return clients as well which is always a compliment in itself.

Was it tough to move into asset and equipment finance? What were the main challenges? It was challenging but when you have a genuine interest in the area – it’s worth it.

What are the main benefits for you moving into this field? Mainly diversifying my business, increasing ways to help solve problems for clients in more areas than just residential lending.

How do you determine your commission? We always keep it competitive because a client for life means more to us.
If you aren’t currently working in this sector, start with small steps by spot and referring opportunities. This will open an additional revenue stream, ring fence your clients, decreasing the risk of them wandering into a bank or talking to another broker.

Our team not only process applications on your behalf, but will provide you visibility throughout the process. This allows you to up skill and should you wish, increase your involvement as your comfort and knowledge in asset and equipment finance grows.

Happy to help.

If you are looking for a solution to assist your consumer and commercial clients with all asset, equipment and cash flow finance solutions - but don’t yet have the knowledge and can’t justify the high costs associated with multiple accreditations, specialist systems or a full time specialist on the payroll – then NLG Leasing is the right business partner for you. If you would like more assistance, please contact the NLG Leasing team on 1300 722 011 or email

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