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Introducing NLG Connect

23 Jan 2020 5:07 PM -

Over the last few years we have listened to the feedback from our entire community in order to create a customized platform designed for our brokers. In our previous email blast, we announced the upcoming launch of our new platform NLG Connect.
As our brokers become more experienced in asset and equipment finance, they want to be able to quote and submit applications themselves. Secondly, access to software including bank statements, Equifax and e-signature are becoming increasingly necessary. Moreover, when a client calls, brokers want to provide the status of the deal without needing to check in with our team.

Consequently, we have taken the features that were working well within our current platform and built them into the new system, NLG Connect. For the processes that were consistently identified as pain points; we have worked to find sophisticated solutions. Below we are running you through the features of our new system and how it will help you expand your business. 


Whilst we have a new platform, our referral models remain the same. There are two referral models to choose from based on what suits you, the scenario and your business.

Spot & Refer:
You spot an asset finance opportunity, enter the details into NLG Connect and NLG Leasing will do the rest. We acknowledge that in the past there has been apprehension around whether your referred client has been taken care of. Therefore, we have taken on your feedback and understood the necessity for you to be kept in the loop.

With our new system, the difference with the Spot & Refer model is that you will be provided with automated updates as the deal progresses. This way you are assured your client and their application are being taken care of. You can now be confident that the deal is being nurtured, know its settlement stage and all without having to directly contact NLG Leasing for updates.

Full Application:
Using NLG Connect, this model enables you to create leads, quotes, applications and value your client’s assets. With this referral model, as before, when you have done your part we vet the application, liaise with the lender and prepare documents to have the deal settlement ready. Once our team pick it up in the final stages, you can no longer edit the application.

As the full application model requires you to work with the client, NLG Connect will send you automatic updates as the deal progresses from submission through to settlement. However, you will maintain full control of client communication from lead to settlement.

Just as our referral models have remained the same, so have our income splits. The benefit of using NLG Connect moving forward is transparency. Our system allows visibility of all available income in a deal. Moreover, it will show the distribution of commission made to each party. This will all be agreed on before submission.


From now on, all leads will be submitted through NLG Connect. When you input your lead, you will have the opportunity to select your NLG Leasing broker. By entering the deal information in NLG Connect, we can then workshop with you to determine if it’s a viable opportunity. Even if you think it is unlikely the loan will service; create the lead and we can work through the options together. Once you have submitted the lead, you will receive a call from one of our team within 4 hours.

Our NLG Leasing Management Team will have eyes over all leads lodged, ensuring all your application needs are being attended to promptly throughout the entire deal lifecycle. You can also correspond with our team within NLG Connect, adding notes and tasks specific to each deal. As there is full transparency across the deal, it makes it possible to be picked up by other team members if required.


With the NLG Connect quoting tool, multiple quotes can be prepared, compared and saved into one deal. You have the option to provide specific details in your client’s profile including:
  • Employment; 
  • Bankruptcy; 
  • Defaults;
  • Pay day enquiries; 
  • Deposits and more.
These additional ‘non-essential’ questions, which can be filled or left blank, provide you further accuracy when quoting clients up front. Once all the required information is entered, suitable lenders and products will be listed. When comparing lender products through our quoting tool, you will see commissions and/or broker fees for each product.


We know that the gathering of required client information is extensive, time consuming and often causes client dissatisfaction. Within NLG Connect, you can generate a link to send to your client providing them with access to their client portal.

With traditional fact finds, many fields are irrelevant to specific deals. It is therefore common for clients to skip over information or documents that you do require. With NLG Connect, you choose what fields your client can see and require, whilst removing those irrelevant. This reduces the back and forth that often occurs with documents and required information.

Therefore, the portal will increase client satisfaction as they can enter their information at their own pace, signing in and out when it suits them. They can also use this portal to upload supporting documents and communicate to you through the chat function.


NLG Connect allows for branded NCCP document generation. You can populate these documents to include all comments, notes, objectives and disclosures assigned to a deal.

If generating NCCP documents through NLG Connect isn’t of interest to you, then you will be able to export all comments, notes, objectives and disclosures to create these documents within your own system.


Glass’s guide is a valuable tool available within NLG Connect.  It allows you to enter the details of most assets producing a quote, evaluation or an LVR in its accurate range. Without the inclusion of vehicle special features, inaccurate indicative quotes result in limited lender choices.

With the NLG Connect Glass’s Guide you can enter standard details such as avenue of purchase or kilometre reading, but also be as specific as alloy wheels, tinted windows or reversing beepers. The indicative quote will be far more realistic and therefore valuable to your service offering as a broker.  


In an evolving digital world, NLG Connect ensures integration of leading technological programs to make your business more efficient. You will have the choice of how much of your business you want to be integrated; Equifax, Bank Statements, e-signing, Outlook, CoreLogic and DropBox are just a few examples of software available to deploy.


Today’s tip is to take advantage of all the tips coming your way in our NLG Connect training sessions! Over the next couple of months, we will be conducting a staged roll out of our platform. This is to ensure we can provide the best level of individual support whilst you make this transition.

Please keep a look out for emails which will provide information regarding your individual roll out date and the subsequent NLG Connect webinar training that you will need complete.

There will be a period between when you go live on NLG Connect and when your EasyLodge, our previous system, logins will be terminated. You will be notified of this date soon.To leave you with one thing:
'Change is inevitable. Growth is optional’ – John Maxwell

Happy to help.

If you are looking for a solution to assist your consumer and commercial clients with all asset, equipment and cash flow finance solutions - but don’t yet have the knowledge and can’t justify the high costs associated with multiple accreditations, specialist systems or a full time specialist on the payroll – then NLG Leasing is the right business partner for you. If you would like more assistance, please contact the NLG Leasing team on 1300 722 011 or email