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New Platform Launch 2020

13 Dec 2019 9:28 AM -

Rear View Review

The time has arrived where the festive season is upon us. Consequently, this is the last email blast you will see from the NLG Leasing Team until 2020. The saying ‘last but certainly not least’, however, is case in point here. We at NLG Leasing have a lot to share with you before saying farewell to 2019.

As we near the finish line, let’s look back at what has shaped up to be a fantastic year for our team. From political disruption and the subsequent industry discussions earlier this year, we can be proud of coming out the other side of 2019 stronger. Despite this uncertainty, our NLG Leasing team reported the largest number of new members in a 12-month period than ever before.
But first, Thank You
We want to take the time to acknowledge our broker members, aggregation partners and everyone else within our network that has supported our team. Whether through directly financing your own asset, referring your clients or simply even positive word of mouth amongst your peers, we appreciate you.

As we have watched our brand awareness grow, more brokers than ever before are upskilling and broadening their offering with an NLG Leasing partnership. Whilst we support you, you too are supporting us. It is only because of this partnership that we were able to make the decision to invest back into our business this year.
It is with great pleasure to officially introduce you to the brand new and improved user platform NLG Connect.

Over the last few years we have listened to the feedback from our entire community in order to create a customized platform designed for our brokers. We have taken the features that were working well within our current platform and built them into the new system. Furthermore, for processes that were consistently identified as pain points, we have worked to find sophisticated solutions.

NLG Connect is ready to go live. Watch out for your new login details in the new year as we will be being rolling out the platform beginning January.

Highlights of our new NLG Connect platform:
  • Visibility and oversight over every transaction
  • Quoting tool for greater accuracy that reflects all lenders
  • Caters for all referral models from lead to settlement
  • Reporting capabilities to analyse your business
  • Ability to produce NCCP documents
  • Plug-in integration for Equifax, Bank Statements, E-signing etc.
  • Features such as Glass’s Guide and a car buying service
  • Portal for clients to self-enter data and upload documents
  • Automatic updates as deals progress
  • Adaptable for the ever changing industry needs
The most common reason for Brokers not writing asset and equipment finance is losing their clients to dealerships. In fact, our first fortnightly email blasts was themed 'quoting against dealerships', with the aim to cover some of the common traps for clients using dealership finance.

In a time poor world, however, the allurement of quick dealership finance stands. Therefore, why not save your client’s time whilst cutting the dealer out of the transaction altogether? It is with great excitement, therefore, that we have partnered up with a third party to introduce you to our new NLG Leasing Car Buying Service. 

Our car buying team do the legwork for your client and prepare some options based on the most competitive offering. There is no additional cost to your client or to the price of the asset, whilst having the comfort of knowing they have shopped around without actually having to. If your clients don’t like to buy a car without test driving, an additional feature is the ability to test drive the vehicle through the local dealership. What's more, your client's new car will be delivered to them with a full tank of petrol!

Please feel free to include this link to the service in your email signature. Please see an example below. 

Thinking of buying a car? Click here to access an extensive network of dealers who will help you get the best-value vehicle on the market. 

Today we have provided you with just two of the ways we want to continue to grow and adapt to the ever changing needs of our partners. Be open to change. In order to grow our business’, we must evolve our processes and strategies. NLG Connect will allow for better opportunities for your business, however, as the process of putting deals through with us changes, our readily available support and service has not.
You will be contacted with your NLG Connect platform details and provided with extensive training. Get onboard, the future is exciting!

Happy to help.

If you are looking for a solution to assist your consumer and commercial clients with all asset, equipment and cash flow finance solutions - but don’t yet have the knowledge and can’t justify the high costs associated with multiple accreditations, specialist systems or a full time specialist on the payroll – then NLG Leasing is the right business partner for you. If you would like more assistance, please contact the NLG Leasing team on 1300 722 011 or email