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More clients, more often

Why would you consider asset finance for your clients?

Good question! 
Look at it like this… While asset finance may not be your core business, are you comfortable referring your client to an asset finance provider who may also offer the same products, services and advice that you do?
Our philosophy is one of working with our business partners to protect the relationships they have with their clients and develop additional revenue and service models.
Here are some of our observations on the benefits of developing an asset finance solution for your clients:
  • 28% of all people who move house purchase a new car within three months of settlement (Source – RP Data in conjunction with REA Group survey 2010).
  • Any major financial commitment should always involve getting an unbiased second opinion. Is your current option the best for you or your clients?
  • A property settlement takes 30-90 days. An asset finance purchase can settle in as little as 24-48 hours.
  • Car buyers start from as young as 18 years old and typically will have purchased three or more motor vehicles before they consider buying a house.
  • Asset finance helps you have more conversations with more clients more often.
  • Property renters are car buyers too!
  • Are you willing to risk sending your client to another provider who may also offer them products that compete directly with your hard won business?

Hi Mark,
I am pleased to let you know that I have just picked up my new Volvo!
You and your team at NLG have done an AMAZING job - especially under the most unreasonable time pressure I put you under - "MUST settle before 30/6/2013!"
You did it, with an absolute minimum of fuss for me - and I will be recommending you/NLG to all and sundry!
Thank you!

Paul G - Melbourne - July 2013

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